Committed to connecting the world


An engineer with construction in the marine environment, Peter has a wide range of experience in managing the implementation of complex deepwater projects.
In 1997 Peter’s company, Mallin Consultants, was hired to manage the implementation of a submarine telecommunications system running between Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA. That project led to Peter becoming the General Manager of the Marine Group, responsible for management of the contracting and implementation of a variety of submarine telecommunications systems, including the Hibernia transatlantic system and the Globenet system from New York to Rio de Janeiro.
After the collapse of the telecom industry in 2001, Peter became project manager for the installation of the core infrastructure of the NEPTUNE Canada cabled ocean observatory, from the concept stage in 2002 through acceptance in 2009.
Mallin Consultants provides advice to owners on a variety of subsea cable projects, from relatively small special purpose systems to trans-oceanic cables. Clients include the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization and the Marine Institute of Ireland.