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‚ÄčMikeTeener.pngMichael Johas Teener is currently a Senior Technical Director at Broadcom with major responsibilities for time-sensitive and high performance/low cost network technologies.  Before joining Broadcom in 2005 he was Plumbing Architect at Apple where he was the chief architect of Firewire, and was a major contributor to much of the technology now consolidated under the 1394 standards. His career began in aerospace doing simulation, real-time software and computer hardware design for very leading-edge radar and sonar systems, and was later the primary hardware architect for two early digital PBXs (including the first use of Ethernet in a distributed telephone switching system).
He is the chair of the IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group, the co-chair of the IEEE 1722.1 Discovery, Enumeration, Configuration, and Control Working Group, and was previously the chair and/or editor of a number of IEEE 1394 standards. In 2009, Mr. Johas Teener received the IEEE Standards Medallion for "exceptional leadership, clarity of vision, and perseverance in the effort to develop and standardize IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging".  Mr. Johas Teener has a BS from Caltech in 1971, an MS from UCLA in 1976, and holds a number of patents, mostly related to telecom, FireWire, and time sensitive networking.