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Jafar Keshvari has completed his doctoral studies in Biomedical Engineering focusing on Electro-oculogram charactristics, eye and head modeling and visible radiation. Dr. Keshvari has been involved in Electromagnetic fields and health related standardization, education, and research since 1999. He has had distinguished role in leading the development of harmonized international standards towards a single scientifically justified EMF assessment approach. He has also had significant role in activating EMF assessment standardization bodies such as IEEE and IEC collaborating and co-operating with entities such as WHO, ICNIRP and ITU. Dr. Keshvari is the chairman of the following standardization committees: IEEE/ICES TC34, ICES TC34 SC2, IEC PT62209-3 and IEC MT1. Jafar Keshvari is also adjunct Professor of Bio-electromagnetics at Aalto University, Department of Radio Engineering, Helsinki-Finland.