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Ricardo Salguero, President and Founder and Partner of ALG Ecycling, is a highly accomplished and dynamic leader that has found success along many channels in the electronics industry.   Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1979, Ricardo showed an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, co-founding a successful Cycling magazine at age 13 that maintained a wide subscription base in Ecuador and Colombia.  He soon moved to the United States to finish high school, where he graduated with honors at only 16 years of age and was accepted into Colorado State University.  By age 20, Ricardo had graduated from CSU with a BS in Computer Information Systems and accepted a position with Intel as a Quality Assurance Engineer, and held a similar role with Cisco as well.    Ricardo's entrepreneurial spirit could not be contained, and while working these positions he found himself developing a consumer electronics distribution company in his spare time, focusing on the boom of e-commerce sales.  As this side project continued to grow and thrive, his true passion for deal making emerged and he knew this was the direction he wanted to pursue for his career.  Kika Enterprises was born in 2005 and blossomed into one of the leading distributors of secondary market mobile broadband hardware in the world.  Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kika Enterprises began as only Ricardo and his wife, and by 2012 had over 30 employees and nearly $6 million in annual sales.  As the company continued to grow,  Salguero saw a need within Kika Enterprises to appropriately and responsibly recycle all true end-of-life hardware the company processed, and was well aware of the limited options in Ecuador and other areas of the world for true turnkey solutions for retired technology.  After partnering with a long time industry executive in the United States,  ALG E-Cycling was born to give companies the best of both worlds - a partner that truly focused on maximizing residual value while providing the utmost in responsible recycling for the global environment.   Since it's inception ALG E-Cycling has secured significant recycling contracts on 4 continents and leverages it's relationships with the top smelters in the world to provide maximum residual value for any retired technology that contains precious metal.
Ricardo's insatiable drive to stay at the forefront of technology has the "Kika" arm moving in new directions in 2013, with the release of it's  own prepaid data carrier branded as Kika Data, which debuted at International CTIA in 2013, as well as a new division focused on the burgeoning global machine to machine, or M2M market.
Salguero is an aggressive and proactive executive with an endearing and genuine personality that has built his success by developing mutually beneficial relationships.  He is truly partnership driven and believes the only way to be successful is to help your clients be successful.  If Kika and ALG continue to grow at the rate they have, many partners will be sharing in the success.