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Paula_Guerra_Moran.pngPaula Guerra Moran, Engineer in Agricultural Sciences, made her masters degree in Sustainable Development in the Imperial College of London, and a Diploma in Waste Management in UNESCO.
Her work experience started with designing environmentally friendly gardens and compost handling, later worked in the Municipal Public Enterprise for Waste Management, EMASEO, as Environmental Projects Coordinator and Logistic Coordinator. Through this experience she was able to implement the recycling project in Ecuador’s capital, Quito.
Nowadays she continues to work in waste management as the General Manager of the National Waste Management Program in the Ministry of the Environment, where she works towards the implementation of the National Plan for Integrated Solid Waste Management, the design and implementation of policies and regulatory changes to promote an integrated waste management system in Ecuador.
She has participated in various workshops, conferences and forums related with waste management, recycling, and other sustainable practices concerning municipal waste management.