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GIERLICH Hans W., HEAD acoustics GmbH

S3P2_photo_Hans_Gierlich.jpgDr.-Ing. H. W. Gierlich started his professional career in 1983 at the Institute for Communication Engineering at RWTH, Aachen. In 1988 February he received a Ph. D. in electrical engineering. In 1989 he joined HEAD acoustics Inc. in Aachen as vice president. Since 1999 he is head of the HEAD acoustics telecom division. Since 2014 he is managing director at HEAD acoustics.

He is mainly involved in acoustics, speech signal processing and its perceptual effects, QOS & QOE topics, measurement technology and speech transmission quality.

He is active in ITU-T, ETSI, 3GPP, GCF, IEEE, TIA, CTIA, DKE and VDA and vice chair of the ETSI technical committee STQ and was chair of the ITU-T focus group CarCom. He is Rapporteur for various questions in ITU-T SG12.

He is author of more than 150 scientific papers and holds five patents. He is member of ASA, IEEE, VDE and DEGA where he was chair of the “Speech Communication” committee.