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BHATNAGAR Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar Bhatnagar, Advisor(Technology), Department of Telecommunication, India has 37 years+ Telecom experience including 11 years with two Telecom Regulators as Advisor on Techno-Regulatory issues (6 years with Indian Telecom Regulator TRAI [2000-2006] and 5 years with TRA, Sultanate of Oman [2007-2012]). He is empanelled with International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in their Roster of International Telecom Regulatory Experts with Expert ID No 01438 covering Telecom Regulatory fields: Broadband, Competition Policy, Convergence, Enforcement/ Dispute resolution, Interconnection, International Gateway Liberalization, Licensing/ Authorization, Market Dominance, Mergers, Unfair Competition, Naming, Numbering and Addressing, Quality of Service, Tariffs, Unbundling, Universal Access/ Service. He worked as ITU Expert on Short Term / TCDC missions to various countries including China (twice), Mongolia (twice), Vietnam (twice), Cambodia, Ghana and Bangladesh. Software developed by Mr. Bhatnagar on Computer Aided Network Planning for RAS/86/165 Inter-country Project at Beijing was distributed to 23 countries of Asia Pacific Region. He was Chairman of ITU-D Project Group on Interconnection in Study Cycle 2002-2006. His concept of ‘Interconnect Exchange’ in year 2012 is now implemented at more than 250 sites across 100 countries. He was the author of Indian Interconnection Usage Regime Costing Model which resulted in lowest termination rates in the world for Indian Mobile traffic from year 2003 onwards.

From May 2013 to October 2013 (Retirement from DoT India on 31.10.2013) , as  Advisor (Technology), Mr. Bhatnagar has  addressed all Technical and Regulatory issues covering all Network & New Technology subjects, Development of new Licensing regime (Unified Licensing ranging from One nation one license for all type of networks and services, Network Service Licenses, Service Delivery License using active/ passive and spectrum sharing, class licenses and authorization), National Telecom Standards (Telecom Engineering Centre), Training Centre (NTIPRIT), R&D (CDOT, Telecom Centre of Excellence), Policy (National Telecom Policy 2012 implementation), International Relations (ITU, APT, SATRC, International Agreements), IPV6 (implementation, recommendations, centre of innovation), Spectrum Pricing (Auction, Administrative Allocation), Spectrum Planning, EMF Radiation compliance (New BTS Radiation and Handset standard implementation, monitoring & penal action), Rural Telecom Networks (USO Project), Indigenous Manufacturing (Preferential Market Access Notification, National Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Council).
In the current year, Mr. Bhatnagar has made a series of International presentations on Indian EMF Standards & Compliance, Smart Networks, Indian Green Telecom implementation in ITU-T Workshops/ meetings in Turin, Italy in May 2013; WHO workshops in Paris on Indian EMF Precautionary Approach study in June 2013; active participation in ITU-D SG 1 & SG2 meetings in Geneve in Sept. 2013 including contributions on Indian EMF Case Study & Rural Telecom being included in ITU-D Study Cycle 2010-2014 Final Reports.