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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG


Nevine’s portfolio includes a number of projects/ initiatives; Egypt’s Green ICT program where she is coordinating the local and international cooperation dimension with different stakeholders. Nevine is also Rapporteur of Question 15 in ITU SG-5 on ICT and adaptation.  She is vice chair of the Arab Regional group of SG5 and member of the African Regional group, and member of the IGF DC on ICT and Climate change and member of the ICANN Strategic Public Responsibility panel,

Her portfolio includes child online Protection.  She is member of the COP initiative of the ITU, coordinator of the Egyptian national e- safety working group on child online safety, member of the ITU Arab regional legal group for COP where Egypt is vice chair, member of the IGF dynamic coalition for child online protection and Egypt's representative at the ITU- Council working group on child online protection. 

For the past years, Nevine’s work revolved around the development and formulation of strategies and policies in Egypt and reaching out to the region, as well as engaging Egypt actively in the international dialogues on these subjects. Nevine is MCIT’s coordinator at the OECD and UNESCO.  Nevine has a long experience in the fields of socio political research, international relations and development.  Nevine studied at the American