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Expert in Comunication graduated at the University of Ottawa, Canada and the University Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile. Presently, she is working at SUR Corporation, Santiago, Chile. Researcher, professor and consultant, specialized in Communication and Information Technology. Expert in Electrical and Electronic Wastes in Latina America, and in studies related to the refurbishing and recycling of computers. Professor of university courses on cultural topics and mass media. From 1994 up to the date she has been coordinator and leader of several projects on electric and electronic waste. Presently she is leading the RELAC Platform, a regional iniative whose goal is to seek solutions to PC electronic waste in Latin America.  As part of this project, she has organized a number of international e-waste events and has created an important Latin American network about this subject (more information: Author of many articles and editor of two books on these sujects: Los residuos electrónicos: un desafío para la sociedad del conocimiento en America Latina [E-Waste: A Challenge for the Knowledge Society in LAC] (Montenvideo, Uruguay: UNESCO, 2010), and La Gestión de los residuos electrónicos en LA [Management of Electronic Wastes in Latin America]  (Santiago, Chile: Ediciones SUR, 2009) and it has published diverse articles about the topic.