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RIOS Mauro D.


Systems Analyst and Marketing Analyst, specializing in project design, has training in ITIL, COBIT, MML, Interoperability, Public Procurement, Enterprise Risk Management, E-Government, studies in Science Education, and Public Management for Informational Open Government. As actual Advisor to the Executive Direction of the AGESIC (Electronic Government Agency of Uruguay), is currently serving many roles as Head of GreenIT Strategy, Manager of National Unity for Assigned OID (UNAOID), Head of CRM and is the Head of Information Security, among others.

He was a member of the Experts Committee for the project evaluation in the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF/ ICT4BUS Program) of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).He received the World ICT Award at the First ICT Global Forum 2009 in Colombia, for his trajectory and contribution to ICT in Latin America. He has worked for organizations such as the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), IDB projects, UNDP, @LIS and others. Coordinated teams of consultants Educational Connectivity Program (PCE) of Uruguay to 2004 and was responsible for their agreements and covenants, writing many of them with international cooperation agencies. (The PCE is the precursor of the CEIBAL Plan). ICANN member, several chapters of Internet Society and co-founder of Vit@LIS (organization promoting Europe-Latin America cooperation). Integrated MERCOSUR Working Subgroup 13 about electronic signature and e-commerce.Teacher, researcher and science fiction writer.