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Computer Engineer with a MSc. on Information and Knowledge Society, and Postgraduate degree on Information Systems Management, his main interests are focused on Open & Smart Gov, and Interoperability.Carlos has experience in innovative and strategic projects within the Public Administration -field where he has been working since 1991-, but also as a professional consultant. For the last seven years he has been working on the design and implementation of the e-Justice project of Catalonia, project that has been prizewinner for several times in Spain. He has participated in strategic projects at national and international level, as the Brazil’s e-Government Interoperability Guide, or the e-Government Ibero-American Interoperability Framework, ratified by 21 countries.  Appointed by IEEE Smart Cities Committee as speaker for the 2014 Forum on Smart Sustainable Cities, Carlos is founder of the IEEE e-Government initiative and global Chair of the IEEE Computer Society e-Government STC, as well as Head of Strategy of IEEE Spain, country where he has been previously Chair of the IEEE Technology Management Council. Personal website: