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ITU Workshop on Global approaches on combating counterfeiting and stolen ICT devices

​Geneva, Switzerland, 23 July 2018

According to Resolution 2 of WTSA-16, ITU-T Study Group 11 is a lead study group on combating counterfeiting of ICT devices and combating the use of stolen ICT devices.
ITU-T Study Group 11 conducts Workshops on this subject on a regular basis. Since 2014, there were two workshops devoted to combating counterfeiting (November 2014, June 2016).

Currently, ITU-T SG11 is focusing on developing general approaches for solutions to combat counterfeit ICT devices and the use of Stolen Mobile ICT Devices. In parallel, ITU-T SG11 organized a number of Regional Workshops aimed to identify and discuss related issues.

This Workshop focused on:

The Workshop took place during ITU-T SG11 meeting to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 18-27 July 2018.

 Video Interviews and Demos

Rustam Pirmagomedov Interview Biren Karmakar      

Uwe Bader Interview


    IMEI-DOA solution to combat counterfeiting ICT devices, Rostelecom
Joao Zanon Interview


    Combat Mobile Device Theft with blockchain-based Global IMEI Storage  
and Services Innovation, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and Camelot ITLab