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ITU Workshop on 5G Security

​​​​​​​​​​​Geneva, Switzerland, 19 March 2018

Contact: tsbevents@itu​.int
5G era is arriving and facing new security threats. 
ITU-T SG17 has been active in standardization for telecommunication and ICT security for many years, because it understands that it is imperative that security be a well-thought-out process at all stages, from system inception and design through implementation and deployment. In the development of standards, security must always be an element of the initial work, and not an afterthought. 
Along with the progress on standardization for 5G technologies and applications progress, standardization on 5G security plays a vital role for the success of 5G by renewing awareness of security challenges, ensuring that security considerations are a fundamental part of specifications, and providing guidance to assist implementers and users in the task of making 5G infrastructure, systems and services sufficiently robust.


This workshop aimed to build a bridge between ITU’s technical expertise and the security requirements of stakeholders interested in implementing secure 5G.The objectives were, not limited to:

  • to better understand evolving threats landscape;
  • to identify security requirements from 5G manufacturers, telecommunication operators, regulators, and application providers;
  • to share the on-going activities among relevant groups (ITU-T SG17, ITU-T SG2, ITU-T SG3, ITU-T SG13, ITU-T SG15, ETSI, 3GPP, and GSMA); and
  • to identify potential directions including new topics or ongoing work requiring collaboration among relevant groups above.

Target Audience

ITU Member States, ICT Regulators, Policymakers, ICT Service/Platform Providers, Mobile Operators, International Standards Organizations, NGOs related to security and privacy protection.



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