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ITU Workshop on TV and content delivery on Integrated Broadband Cable Networks

​​​​​​Hangzhou, China, 26 May 2017


The International Telecommunication Union is organizing a workshop on "TV and content delivery on Integrated Broadband Cable Networks" in Hangzhou, China, 26 May 2017.
The event aims to push the frontiers on content delivery for the integrated broadband cable telecommunication networks and provide an overview of recent cable technology trends and strategies.
The cable industry, including service providers and vendors, faces a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment, which is mainly triggered by technological innovation and customer demand for high-definition and innovative television services that can captivate users by providing revolutionary experiences, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.
In this landscape, standards developing organizations (SDOs) are also required to move rapidly to keep up with these innovations and develop standards on new broadband and video technologies, which may eventually be adopted and deployed in products and services to meet customer demand.
The workshop will take place in co-location with the Study Group 9​ meeting, 24-31 May 2017.

The workshop aims to:
–        share information on recent cable broadband and television technology trends
–        explore strategies to provide users with captivating viewing experiences
–        analyse current standardization activities and identify gaps
–        review key technical domains and identify priorities for future standardization  
–        discuss how various standards bodies can work in concert to achieve these goals

1.       Latest trends in cable television business and technologies
2.       Integrated services (TV, content and associated applications) delivery mechanisms and/or networks
3.       Innovative types of TV services, experiences and technologies, e.g. AR, VR, 3D, UHDTV (4k/8k), smart home, IoT)
4.       Integrated smart terminals and/or related software
5.       Platforms for converged services for integrated broadband broadcast networks
6.       Planning, implementation and deployment of cable television systems, networks and services,​ particularly for developing countries


An exhibition will be organized during the workshop. Experts are invited to showcase recent research in the field of cable networks, which will interest and energize future standardization work. Exhibitors will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, given the limited supply of exhibition space. Experts interested in exhibiting their work are requested to submit their application to exhibit before 15 April 2017. The application form can be found here (WORD and PDF)​ and should be submitted to the host at ouyangfeng@a​ copying

Target audience

The workshop is targeted at both ITU members and non-members, welcoming the participation of cable operators, service providers, vendors, research institutions, academia, as well as international, regional and national SDOs, and other interested organizations.
Remote participation to this workshop is available. If you wish to participate remotely, please register here.

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