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Martin_Euchner_photo.jpgSince December 2010, Martin Euchner serves the ITU-T Study Group 17 as Advisor where he is managing the study group meetings and the Recommendations. He is also providing the secretariat for ITU-T JCA-IdM, for ITU-T JCA-COP, for ITU-T TSAG RG-SC, and for the MoU/MG.
Martin Euchner began his career as a security engineer in Siemens R & D labs 1991 where he researched, developed and implemented cryptography, network security and security for multimedia systems in various international, national and company internal projects.
He joined security standardization where he has been making numerous active contributions to Voice-over-IP security standards such as H.323/H.235 in ITU-T, ETSI TIPHON/TISPAN, IETF and IMTC. He has also been actively involved in cable standardization such as the IPCablecom projects in ITU-T SG9 and in ETSI TC AT-D.
Involved in VoIP security standardization since 1997, he took leadership roles in security standardization as editor and Rapporteur since 2000 in ITU-T where he has progressed H.235 Recommendation into version 4.
Martin had been actively involved in standardizing security for Next Generation Networks. He was co-chairing as vice chairman of working group 7 in ETSI TISPAN where he was driving forward as editor/Rapporteur the Next Generation Network Release 1 security initiative and has produced important NGN security standards. Martin was further an active contributor to ITU-T's Next Generation Network initiative in ITU-T SG13, was involved in ITU-T SG 17 general security standardization, in cybersecurity standards and in the ITU-T Focus Group on Identity Management.
From 2006 till 2010, Martin was working as senior security standardization expert in the fixed network department of Siemens ICN and then for the CTO within Nokia Siemens Networks.
During his career, Martin has gained broad security expertise in various fields. He oversees the international security standardization landscape.
Martin received a master's degree in computer science from Goethe University/Frankfurt.