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Jürgen Schmidhuber

The media have called ​​​Juergen Schmidhuber Photo by Eleana HegerichProf. Jürgen Schmidhuber the father of modern Artificial Intelligence. His lab's deep learning methods (developed since the early 1990s) have revolutionised machine learning and AI, and are now available to billions of users through the world's most valuable public companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu. His research group also established the field of mathematically rigorous universal AI and optimal universal problem solvers. His formal theory of creativity & curiosity & fun explains art, science, music, and humor. He is recipient of numerous awards including the 2016 IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award "for pioneering contributions to deep learning and neural networks," and president of the company NNAISENSE, which aims at building the first practical general purpose AI.​​

Photo credits:  Intl. Health Forum 2015, Wort & Bild Verlag / Eleana Hegerich​