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Mohamed Alkady

​Mohamed Alkady is the president of Hart, a medical technology company in Orange County that's improving the ways in which people inside and outside of the industry access and engage with health data.

Alkady discovered his passion for technology at an early age and began his college studies by his mid-teens, developing skills in software engineering and related fields. He thrived in such an educational environment, familiarizing himself with the most cutting-edge advancements of the time and immersing himself in the knowledge and ideas of his mentors.

Considering his pressing curiosity, competitive spirit and knack for reading people and business landscapes, his progression from software engineer to entrepreneur was a natural one. By age 17 Alkady founded his first company, and over the next decade he continued to parlay his engineering and business learnings into multiple successful startups.

Regardless of the specific industry or end product, every venture has been built upon Alkady's strong conviction that technology in the right hands is capable of solving the most complicated problems facing businesses, and society, today.

In 2012, Alkady co-founded Hart after identifying a critical need for improvements in the flow of patient data within and across multiple health providers. He observed an overwhelming number of hospitals and clinics that — although state-of-the-art in so many other ways — were being negatively constrained by outdated systems and ineffective patient portals. In addition to the negative impact on hospital-wide communication and workflow, Alkady saw the frustrations these constraints created for patients. Since Hart's inception, the underscoring goals have been: to afford providers and patients alike better access to health data and information, to further engage patients in their own healthcare, and to create an API platform capable of delivering incredible experiences to everyone who touches the healthcare industry.

Alkady has spent the past half decade thoughtfully assembling a team to develop products that help Hart's clients stay on the cutting edge of technology. And under Alkady's guidance, Hart is continuing to fulfill his vision of an industry that can better serve patients by maximizing, rather than resisting, the perpetual changes and transformations so inherent to it.

Outside of his role as President of Hart, Alkady is actively involved in healthcare and technology committees being part of the Linux Foundation, on the Governing Board of OpenAPI, HIMSS, ABL Healthcare and  CommonWell committees. Guest speaker for The 2017 Linux Open Source Japan conference. He's an active part of the YPO International Organization, holding positions in the Executive Committee of YPO Healthcare, as well as a member of the YPO San Gabriel Valley Chapter and the YPO Global One Chapter.  â€‹