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Talks on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“CCITT/ITU-T 60th Anniversary Talks on Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

ITU WTSA-16, 26 October 17:30–19:00, Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia

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AI-technology-related stories make the news on a daily basis. A large part of our lives will be influenced by AI technology in the future. Today, there are already various agendas on AI being discussed globally while the scope of topic is still expanding fast.

AI technologies such as machine learning algorithms are already being applied to a variety of topics such as, for example, in security for intrusion detection or predicting DDoS attacks, in intelligent traffic management for techniques to predict traffic flow, traffic congestions, and traffic distribution, or in improving lives for persons with disabilities through language tools such as speech recognition, text to speech and machine translation systems. We are also seeing new emerging applications in the IoT space through devices communicating among themselves and learning from patterns observed in their environment, designed to make our lives more comfortable. This is just a snapshot of the enormous possibilities AI technologies offer.

Some of these technologies have been around for at least a decade or more. Their accelerated adoption and use in recent years has been due to several factors including (a) the adoption of ICTs, especially mobile, across the world at a blistering pace; (b) dramatic improvements in and easy access to computing power and storage capacity; (c) abundance of data resulting in more accurate data models; and (c) easy availability of high quality open source APIs.

To facilitate wider global adoption of AI technologies and in order to truly tap into its potential, timely development of global standards will be essential. However, we have seen limited successful efforts in this area, therefore making it important to understand the challenges and barriers involved.

The "ITU-T 60th Anniversary Talks on AI" offers a platform for discussions on cutting-edge AI technologies, ICT applications and services that could leverage from the capabilities that they offer, as well as the benefits and challenges involved in their standardization.