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Work item: L.GDSPP
Subject/title: Requirements for a global digital sustainable product passport to achieve a circular economy
Status: [Carried to next study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: IEC TC111, ISO TC 323, ETSI EE, CEN-CLC JTC10
Supporting members: COIT, ORANGE, HUAWEI, CISCO
Summary: This proposed work item can determine requirements to represent digital technology products, either models, batches, or even individual ICT goods. These details are intended to be represented in digital format. The details can represent products at the time of manufacturing, including relevant information for product transparency and a circular lifecycle, such as details related to origin of materials composition, design, manufacturing, energy consumption, maintenance, repair, preparation for reuse, final recycling, and may include links to related documentation. The work may consider to include or relate to details that change over the lifespan of a product because of events including repair, upgrade, usage, sale, and final recycling. The details should exclude any personal or business sensitive information. It can allow not only to facilitate and automate comparison of different ICT products based on attributes, with a focus on circularity aspects, but also can facilitate preparation and reuse in the second-hand market and the reverse supply chain, facilitate the exchange and aggregation of data records about models and devices, more accountable recycling and e-waste management, help determine statistics about actual durability and reusability from aggregated contributed data from events in a circular lifespan. It can help manufacturers, governments, users to implement voluntary reporting and monitoring mechanisms to assess these qualities and become an incentive to design and use more circular ICT devices. The goal of the recommendation is to define the semantics (recommended items and potential values) required to represent the relevant information, and relate to existing known digital data formats, linked data, and system architectures, as well as relate and complement upcoming regional (e.g. European digital product passport) and global (ISO PCDS, IECĀ 82474-1) standards. This recommendation takes in special consideration ICT products classified according to the L.1023 recommendation on an assessment method for circular scoring, by facilitating the collection of data that can show the effect of design decision in practice. It can help collect details as data records along the lifespan of ICT devices to assess and report impacts of circular business models as in L.1024, about selling services instead of equipment on waste creation and the environment. It can facilitate the calculation of environmental impacts of different ICT devices according to L.1400-1451, and mobile phones according to ITU-T L.1015.
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Leandro Navarro, Editor
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