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Work group: SG5 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Environment, climate change and circular economy
Description: ITU-T Study Group 5 is responsible for studying ICT environmental aspects of electromagnetic phenomena and climate change. Study Group 5 will also study issues related to resistibility, human exposure to electromagnetic fields, circular economy, energy efficiency and climate-change adaptation and mitigation. It is responsible for studies: - relating to protection of telecommunication networks and equipment from interference and lightning; - relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particle radiation effects, and assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by ICT installations and devices, including cellular phones and base stations; - on the existing copper network outside plant and related indoor installations; - relating to achieving energy efficiency and sustainable clean energy in ICTs;
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Acting chairman: MsNevineTewfik
Vice-chairman: MrJean-ManuelCanet
Vice-chairman: MrSamyoungChung
Vice-chairman: MrVincent UrbainNamrona
Vice-chairman: MrJosefOpitz
Vice-chairman: MsEiman Farouk MahmoudOsman
Vice-chairman: MsShuguangQi
Vice-chairman: MrLeonidRabinovich
Vice-chairman: MrKazuhiroTakaya
Advisor: MsReynaUbeda
Administrative assistant: MsChiaraCo