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Work item: K.70 (2007) Amd.4
Status: Agreed on 2014-12-19 
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
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Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
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Subject/title: Appendix I - New version v.5.0 of the software EMF-estimator
Summary: This amendment consists of a new version (v.5.0) of the software EMF-estimator, which constitutes Appendix I of Recommendation ITU-T K.70 (2007). The main improvements introduced in v.5.0 are the following: • the code of the software has been developed and recompiled in the updated programming environment • the installation procedure is new one and should be much easier to use • it is possible to open simultaneously many projects and the results of respective calculations can be directly compared • the term "cumulative exposure" has been changed to the term "total exposure" following the discussion and decision taken during the work on Recommendation ITU-T K.91 A new version v5.0 of the software cannot be run on the WindowsXP system. The design (layout) of the software and the main options have not changed. However, the format of the projects has changed. The new software gives an opportunity to read the old projects (extension *.exp) and to save them in the new format (extension *.expx). To save all changes in the format of the project file it is necessary to use “save” or “save to” options. This will allow to fill all the data banks attached to the project file.
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