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Work group: SG5 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Environment and climate change
Description: Study Group 5 is responsible for studying ICT environmental aspects of electromagnetic phenomena and climate change. Responsible for studies relating to protection of telecommunication networks and equipment from interference and lightning. Also responsible for studies related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), to safety and to health effects connected with electromagnetic fields produced by telecommunication installations and devices, including cellular phones. Responsible for studies on the existing copper network outside plant and related indoor installations. Responsible for studies on methodologies for assessing the environmental impact of ICT, publishing guidelines for using ICTs in an Eco-Friendly Way, tackling e-waste issues, and energy efficiency of the power feeding system. Responsible for studies on how to use ICT to help countries and the ICT sector to adapt to the effects of environmental challenges, including climate change. It is also identifying the needs for more consistent and standardised eco-friendly practices for the ICT sector (e.g. labelling, procurement practices, eco-rating schemes for mobile phones).
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Chairman: MrAhmedZeddam
Vice-chairman: MrNasser SalehAl Marzouqi
Vice-chairman: MrTariqAl-Amri
Vice-chairman: MrHéctor MarioCarril
Vice-chairman: MrSamyoungChung
Vice-chairman: MrFlavioCucchietti
Vice-chairman: MrKeithDickerson
Vice-chairman: MrsFatoumata SekouDicko
Vice-chairman: MrGuy-MichelKouakou
Vice-chairman: MrJosefOpitz
Vice-chairman: MrLiXiao
Advisor: MsCristinaBueti
Administrative assistant: MsOdileLacombe