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ITU Interop Events on IPTV

Contact: interop@itu.int


ITU Interop Events on IPTV have been organized since 2010 in different parts of the world. The events demonstrate the interoperability of the products of participating manufacturers and the maturity of ITU-T IPTV Standards which are formulated within the ITU-T IPTV Global Standards Initiative.

ITU IPTV Interop events include Testing and Showcasing.


  • ITU-T IPTV standards including ITU-T H.701 (Error-Recovery), ITU-T H.721 (IPTV Terminal), ITU-T H.740 (Application Event Handling), ITU-T H.750 (Metadata), ITU-T H.761 (Ginga-NCL), ITU-T H.762 (LIME) and ITU-T H.770 (Service Discovery) are being put to the test.
  • A report of the test outcomes is fed into the standards development process.
  • The testing event is restricted to engineers of organizations that implement ITU-T’s IPTV suite of standards. Access to the venue will be restricted and equipment will be guarded in a secure manner.


  • Participating organizations (exhibitors): Organizations registered as participants in the testing event above will showcase to the market the interoperability of their IPTV products. ITU will prepare a schedule of private one-on-one showcasing demo appointments to target potential customers. There will also be a group/public showcasing session. Participating organizations are encouraged to ensure that their marketing colleagues are in close contact with ITU on this element of the event.
  • Showcasing visitors: Regulators, broadcasters, telecoms companies, system integrators, test laboratories, artists, universities, general public and others are invited to visit the showcasing event. Showcasing visits are free to both ITU members and non-members.

    To secure your visit, contact us now at interop[at]itu.int.
General Information
IPTV Showcasing in Telecom World-2011, Geneva
  • Organized by: ITU
  • Date: 24-27 October 2011
  • Side event: Side event: 1st ITU IPTV Application Challenge
  • Participation fee: CHF 3'000 per organization for first-time participating organizations. CHF 2'400 for organizations which already participated in at least one of the past ITU IPTV Interops.
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