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ITU Interop Event on IPTV (July 2011)

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  • Dubai, UAE, September 2011

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4th ITU Interop Event on IPTV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18-22 July 2011

18-20 July – Conformity and Interoperability testing:
  • Testing of ITU-T IPTV standards including ITU-T H.701 (Error-Recovery), ITU-T H.721 (IPTV Terminal), ITU-T H.740 (Application Event Handling), ITU-T H.750 (Metadata), ITU-T H.761 (Ginga-NCL), ITU-T H.762 (LIME) and ITU-T H.770 (Service Discovery).
  • A report of the test outcomes will be fed into the standards development process.
  • The testing event is restricted to engineers of organizations that implement ITU-T’s IPTV suite of standards. Access to the venue will be restricted and equipment will be guarded in a secure manner.
  • Participation in the testing and/or showcasing costs CHF 3'000 per organization. A special 20% discount is offered to organizations which already participated in at least one of the past ITU IPTV Interop Events: 1st ITU Interop (Geneva, July 2010), the 2nd ITU Interop (Singapore, September 2010), and/or the 3rd ITU Interop (India, December 2011), i.e., they pay CHF 2'400. There is no limit on number of participants per organization.
21-22 July – Showcasing:
  • Participating organizations (exhibitors): Organizations registered as participants in the testing event above will showcase to the market the interoperability of their IPTV products. ITU will prepare a schedule of private one-on-one showcasing demo appointments to target potential customers. There will also be a group/public showcasing session. Participating organizations are encouraged to ensure that their marketing colleagues are in close contact with ITU on this element of the event.
  • Showcasing visitors: Regulators, broadcasters, telecoms companies, system integrators, test laboratories, artists, universities, general public and others are invited to visit the showcasing event. Showcasing visits are free to both ITU members and non-members. To secure your visit, contact us now at interop[at]itu.int.
General Information
4th ITU IPTV Interop Event
18-22 July 2011
(TSB Circular 193)

Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana
Avenida Atlantica, 4240, Copacabana
22070-002 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil

  • First-time participating organizations: CHF 3'000 per organization
  • Organizations which already participated in at least one of the past ITU IPTV Interops: CHF 2'400 per organization
  • No limit on number of participants per organization.

Any problems?
Contact us at interop[at]itu.int.
Past Events
3rd ITU IPTV Interop Event
14-17 December 2010
2nd ITU IPTV Interop Event
23-24 and 27 September 2010 1st ITU IPTV Interop Event
20-23 July 2010
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