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ITU Interop Event on IPTV (July 2010)

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ITU Interop Event on IPTV, Geneva, 20-23 July 2010

Event Highlights
ITU IPTV Interop Event
20-23 July 2010

Event Highlights
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The first ITU IPTV Interop event took place in ITU in Geneva from 20 to 23 July 2010. Eight organizations from across 3 continents took part. Certificates of participation were awarded to all participating organizations. Overall satisfaction levels among participants achieved an astounding 4.5 on the 1-5 scale (5 = very satisfactory, 4 = satisfactory).

The first two days were conformity and interoperability testing of ITU-T standards, including H.701 (error-recovery), H.721 (IPTV terminal), H.740 (audience measurement), H.750 (metadata), H.761 (ginga-NCL), H.762 (lightweight interactive multimedia), H.770 (service discovery). ITU’s test bed provided both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. A report of the test outcomes will be fed in to the standards development process. The test cases have been approved by ITU-T SG 16 at its meeting on 30 July 2010.

Days three and four were a showcasing event at which companies demonstrated to the market the interoperability of their IPTV products. Broadcasters, telecoms companies, system integrators, test laboratories, and others viewed the interoperability of IPTV products at the showcasing.

IPTV is one of the latest developments in the ICT industry and a major business opportunity for telcos, content providers and broadcasters. Various Study Groups of the ITU standardization sector have been developing a consistent set of technical specifications or standards under the umbrella of the IPTV Global Standards Initiative (IPTV-GSI). Recommendations developed under IPTV-GSI encourage innovation, mask the complexity of services, guarantee QoS, ensure interoperability and ultimately help the consumer to buy good products at competitive prices.

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