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CD-ROM and DVD Publications 

Individual issues or yearly subscriptions for several titles on CD-ROM or DVD The collection of documents provided on each CD-ROM or DVD are fully indexed and searchable. Add titles to cart or download the associated Publication Notice and return a completed copy to ITU Sales.  Discounts are available for ITU Members, administrations of Least Developed Countries (LDC's) and university libraries. Click here for the license agreement.

 Recent CD-ROM and DVD Publications
Final Acts of the Plenipotentiary Conference
Busan, 2014  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

Decisions, Resolutions, recommendations adopted by previous Plenipotentiary Conferences, Kyoto, 1994; Minneapolis, 1998; Marrakesh, 2002; Antalya, 2006; and Guadalajara, 2010, as amended by the Plenipotentiary Conference (Busan, 2014) and new Decisions and Resolutions adopted by the Plenipotentiary Conference (Busan, 2014).
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Other editions:   Busan, November 2014   Guadalajara, 2010   Antalya, 2006   Marrakesh, 2002   Minneapolis, 1998   Kyoto, 1994   Geneva, 1992  
Final Acts WRC-15, World Radiocommunication Conference
The Final Acts constitute a record of the decisions taken at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-2015) that comprises both the new and revised provisions of the Radio Regulations, including all Appendices, and the new and revised Resolutions and Recommendations approved by the Conference.
2015   Publication Notice with Order Form

The Final Acts constitute a record of the decisions taken at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15). They include the new and revised provisions of the Radio Regulations including all Appendices, as well as the new and revised Resolutions and Recommendations approved by the Conference.

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ITU-T Recommendations and selected Handbooks - DVD-ROM
2016  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

The enhanced DVD provides vastly improved search tools, including a detailed search-by-content that covers all ITU-T Recommendations in force. Recommendations not yet available in their final edited format are included in their provisional pre-published form. A wide range of electronic attachments are also included and or referenced for direct-download from the ITU website. The DVD also includes a searchable collection of selected Handbooks developed by the ITU Telecommunication Sector in fields such as mitigation measures for telecommunication installations and their protection against electromagnetic effects, formal languages, outside plant, network security, quality of service and network planning. This quarterly DVD is available either individually or through a yearly subscription that covers four editions at a discounted rate.
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Other editions:   2017   2015  
List IV - List of Coast Stations and Special Service Stations

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2015   Publication Notice with Order Form

List IV contains important information for the mariner in relation to radiocommunications, including the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) and CP (Public Correspondence) services. Detailed information is provided in relation to the facilities available at each maritime coast radio station, which may provide watch-keeping using digital selective calling (DSC) techniques and radiotelephony. Also included are receive and transmit frequencies, as well as the geographical coordinates for each station. List IV also lists details of additional services such as medical advice, navigational and meteorological warnings, MSI (Maritime Safety Information), AIS (Automatic Identification System), meteorological bulletins and radio time signals, along with the hours of service and operational frequencies. It also contains information on port stations, pilot stations, coast Earth stations, VTS stations, contact information of RCC (Rescue Coordination Centers), SAR agencies, Navarea coordinators and AtoNs (AIS Aids to Navigation).

Available and in-force as from: November 2015.

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Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC)
2015  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

Version 5.0 of the software contains a general data interface between monitoring software and SMS4DC, additional and revised propagation models based on the latest version of P.452, P.530, P. 1812 and P.1546 + 11343. There is further development of built-in and user specified administrative reports and a general method to import data to SMS4DC. The SMS4DC software is also available in Spanish. Self-learning training material can be provided upon request.
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Other editions:   2014   2012   Edition 2009   Edition 2006   Edition 2008