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Exec. Workshop | Europe

Join our upcoming executive workshop!

Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide: Fostering Digital Entrepreneurship & Startup Ecosystems​​
12-13 September 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia​

Innovation Publications

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Innovation @ Telecom '17

Multi-stakeholder Global Workshop at ITU Telecom World!
Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide,
26-28 September 2017 in Busan, South Korea​.

Young ICT Leader's Forum

Digital Transformation, Global Opportunity YILF '17
Forum & Smart Cities Challenge gathering young leaders to share ideas about ICT development & innovations.
25-28 September 2017, in Busan, South Korea


With Innovation rising as a priority for policy makers, and based on the outcomes of World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014 and ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) has embarked on innovation as one of the Outputs of ITU Development Sector (ITU-D). The main objectives are to strengthen the membership’s capabilities to integrate ICT innovation in their national development agendas, and to promote a culture of innovation. 


​Products and Services

BDT offers "360 degree innovation facilitation" designed to address the objectives of ITU-D for innovation. We are working on country reviewsecosystem reviewsecosystem mappingtoolkits (e.g. project, policy), and offer cocreate advisory (e.g. technical assistance). We leverage scalable tools and a platform designed to scale-up knowledge sharing and engage with membershipOur products and Services help bridge the growing innovation divide that is preventing stakeholders from enjoying the benefits of digital, ​empower stakeholders to unleash their own potential and accelerate inclusive growth and development. ​​

Country Review

Building Digital Innovation Framework delivering Innovation driven economies

The Country review provides a framework where all stakeholders understand their roles, challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem, and can come together around specific policies, programs and initiatives in developing it.

Country Reviews foster both grassroots and top down approaches to building policies and programs that strengthen the ICT startup ecosytem, accelerate public services transformation, and help develop a private sector led ICT enabled segment of the economy fostering inclusive development.

Ecosystem Review

Quick review of the ecosystem addressing needs and impact initiatives

The Ecosystem Review is a light weight Country Review where stakeholders can quickly come together on the scope and agreement on the problems, then engage in quick high impact initiatives to help seed and nurture missing pieces of the ecosystem, and develop the fabric of well-functioning organic ICT centric ecosystems.

Ecosytem reviews are done with concentrated time bound exercises where stakeholder are empowered and build knowledge to continue developing inclusive digital communities.

Policy Toolkit


Policy Toolkit

Do-it-yourself Country Review

The policy toolkit combines the knowledge, experience and analysis from other stages into an easy to read Do-It-Yourself toolkit. This toolkit is invaluable because it combines information from a global ecosystem, using know-how that get to the real innovation issues and is easy to update due to continued analysis from the previous stages.

Cocreate Advisory


Co-creating solutions to your challenges

Promoting Creativity Methodologies

Cocreate Advisory, is our innovation management facilitation (technical assistance) designed to engage local and global communities in discussions about common innovation needs to foster the ICT centric innovation ecosystem. We use a human centered design thinking approach, and innovation tools to explore the challenges of the ICT centric ecosystem.

Tools and Experts

  • ITU-D Global Innovation Platform is an initiative to bring together policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs and technology champions to accelerate innovation at a global systemic scale using a one stop-shop platform for connecting, co-creating opportunities, collaborating and sharing knowledge and best practices.
  • Cocreate tool is used for innovation facilitation to enable scaling of our activities during cocreate advisory. Cocreate advisory brings together a community of experts on innovation, from the global ICT centric innovation ecosystem, to work on the common problems.


  • ​Support ICT centric entrepreneurial ecosystems, generating & nurturing the seeds of innovative businesses

  • Facilitate global collaboration and help boost national innovation capabilities 

  • Accelerate socio-economic growth and inclusive development.