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The mission of the secretariat

The mission of the secretariat is to provide high-quality and efficient services to the membership of the Union, notably in the Plenipotentiary Conference, the Council, conferences, assemblies, meetings, policy forums, TELECOM exhibitions and other events, as well as the dissemination of information.

The secretariat performs specific tasks and duties identified in the Constitution and Convention and/or discharges other duties and responsibilities handed down in resolutions and decisions of the Plenipotentiary Conference, the Council, conferences and assemblies.

The Secretariat environment

The mission of the secretariat is to be undertaken within the environment identified in Part I, section 2 above for the Union as a whole, and specifically characterized in the secretariat by:

  • a membership that has a wide range of requirements;

  • a membership that is continuing to face growing demands on its time and requires the provision of flexible, innovative and reliable support services.

Within its overall mission, the objectives of the secretariat for 2004-2007, in addition to those that may be identified by future conferences and assemblies, shall be (not listed in any special order):

  • To provide the Council with clear, accurate and transparent information as the basis for informed decisions when performing its tasks.

  • To improve financial accountability in respect of ITU activities by more clearly linking costs with the related activity through appropriate operational plans, financial plans and budgets.

  • To account for income and expenditure for products and services provided under cost recovery in an open and transparent manner, as defined in Resolution 91 (Minneapolis, 1998).

  • To identify sources of funding.

  • To develop a flexible management structure, with greater levels of delegation of responsibility.

  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of secretariat structures, activities and processes, and specifically to decrease costs.

  • To embrace new technologies and other innovations, including outsourcing when appropriate, in service of the needs, requirements and the sharply focused and targeted efforts and initiatives of the membership, and budget accordingly.

  • To maintain an agile and responsive secretariat that is receptive to flexibility and innovation.

  • To provide early information to the membership on problems in achieving established objectives and priorities.

  • To adopt a more flexible recruitment policy, in particular in reducing recruitment delays.

  • To compete to attract and retain highly qualified staff for ITU, in order to be responsive to the membership, which generally operates at a high level of technological sophistication.

  • To maximize the quality and effectiveness of Union's human resources, with due regard to geographical and gender representation, youth and the observance of merit and fitness-to-serve.

  • To develop, where agreed by the membership, innovative mechanisms for international cooperation outside the formal structures defined in the Constitution and Convention.

  • To improve the promotion of the activities and value of ITU in order to enhance its membership and to increase use of its products and services.

  • To serve as the depositary of cooperative international arrangements consistent with the purposes of ITU.

The ITU secretariat should become more active in United Nations activities related to the mission of ITU, specifically in its responsiveness to the World Summit on the Information Society.



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