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Working Together

ITU has always been a focus for the many stakeholders in the field of telecommunications. Through study groups, workshops, seminars and conferences we have been able to fulfil our responsibilities for setting telecommunication standards, meeting development goals and managing the frequency spectrum.

Telecommunication Standardization Focus:

Strategic Policy Focus:

  • Strategic Planning Workshop on the Economic and Regulatory Implications of Broadband (
  • Strategic Planning Workshop on the Licensing of Third Generation (3D) Mobile (

Development Focus:

  • Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Arab Region for the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-02) (Alexandria, Egypt, 17-19 October 2000)
  • Regional Preparatory Meeting for Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States for the WTDC-02 (Sofia, Bulgaria, 28-30 November 2000)
  • Regional Preparatory Meeting for the African Region for the WTDC-02 (Yaoundé, Cameroon, 29-31 May 2001)
  • GMPCS Workshops on Introduction, Licensing and Commercialisation of GMPCS Services were held for Asia (Bangkok, 27–29 August 2001) and Africa (Johannesburg, 7–9 November 2001)



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