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Key Activities: SECTOR REFORM


Around the world, nations are recognizing that reform of their telecoms sector to keep pace with the rapidly changing global environment is increasingly vital to stimulating local growth and attracting the interest of private sector investors.

In line with the Unionís increased emphasis on delivering its unique brand of impartial expertise in the area of telecommunication policy, ITU has taken the lead in working with national governments to draft new legislative, regulatory and legal frameworks conducive to private investment, competition and the strengthening of existing regulatory bodies.

Important activities during the year 2000 included the convening of regulatory workshops and seminars throughout Africa, the Americas, the Arab States, Asia and the CIS countries, along with the annual ITU global regulatory survey. This extensive survey serves as the foundation of ITUís T-REG website (, an up-to-date, comprehensive information resource on the regulatory environment in each of the Unionís 189 Member States.

In addition, the Union convened its first Development Symposium for Regulators in November 2000, bringing together regulators from around the world and establishing a global dialogue that will help all countries negotiate the ever-changing tide of telecom service provision. One important outcome of this meeting was a new action plan calling for greater information exchange through a new network of focal points, to be designated by each regulatory authority, and through the establishment of an ITU regulatory hotline to respond to specific national requests, including requests for preparation of country case studies.

Other activities in the regulatory field during the year 2000 included the publication of a number of world-class analytical reports, including Trends in Telecommunication Reform, 2000/2001: Interconnection Regulation, and Trends in Telecommunication Reform: Country Profiles, along with the Americas Blue Book 2000.

In addition, a set of guidelines and recommendations were developed to aid government officials and other policy-makers in the formulation of regulations and policies aimed at fostering growth of Internet infrastructure in developing and Least Developed Countries. ITU was also active in helping governments and operators develop effective policies and strategies in the areas of universal service, investment and tariffing.



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