​​​​​​​​​Digicel and ITU​

Bridgetown, Barbados, 2016, April 29​

This event was held at the St. Michael's School (Secondary). An ITU event in collaboration with the Telecommunications Unit of the Barbados Government and a mobile service provider, DIGICEL Barbados. The event was mainly to introduce the girls and young women to ICT careers, women role models in ICT and to create awareness and enthusiasm towards ICT careers. The agenda is outlined below.

  • Introductory video (3min) & PPT overview of Girls in ICT Day 2016
  • Video (3.5 min) Message  of Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary-General
  • Video  (8min) on ICT & ITU Standards in Action
  • Presentation on her ICT Career & experience as Charging System Team Leader  -Digicel
  • 10 min Video on:  2025 The Future of ICT
  • Presentation on her ICT Career & experience as Computer Systems Engineer - Digicel
  • Short ( 2 min) Video on Child Online Protection
  • Presentation on her ICT Career & Her experience in the ICT Sector & as Telecoms Officer in the Telecommunications Unit
  • Video on:  Life in 2025 - imec's vision on future technologies in daily life
  • PPT Presentation  ICT CAREERS: NOW & IN THE FUTURE – ITU Programme Officer
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