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Poland, 2014, April 03

Girls As Engineers! is an integrated campaign initiated by Perspektywy Education Foundation and the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities (KRPUT).

The main aim of the campaign is to introduce technical and engineering studies to female high school students and to promote this educational path as interesting, attractive and very beneficial in the long run. It is also to show that technical studies programs address a recognized need for business and industry to attract highly trained workers with a variety of skills.

On the 3rd of April 2014 fifteen public technical universities and six faculties of physics and mathematics were invited to take part in an Open Day For Girls Only (Polish Girl's Day). Through a great variety of events young women were able to gain an insight into academic life of Polish technical universities and make useful connections. For this purpose, the participating universities opened their laboratories, workshops and offices as well as organized meetings with women professors to give concrete examples that showed girls how interesting and exciting studying at a university of technology can be.

Each university compiled special program for the girls. The programs were diversified and very interesting. They organized demonstrations, workshops, competitions, field games, performances, experiments in laboratories and meetings with women scientists and university graduates. The girls had the opportunity to learn "How to produce a high-heeled shoe straight from the 3D printer?", "How to program a humanoid robot?" etc.

The good results of Girls As Engineers! campaign are self-evident. From 2007 (first edition of campaign) to 2014 the number of girls on technical universities increased by 7%. It's a lot!

This year on the Girl's Day 19 universities participated and more than 7000 girls were reached. We have 1200 media mentions about Open Day For Girls Only.  90% of participants believed that Girl's Day will positively influence their decision about choosing a field of study.

The campaign's web site provides information not only about technical universities that take part in the campaign but also news about women's activity in technical sciences.

In next year Open Day For Girls Only is planned for spring.

For more information, please contact:Bianka SiwinskaCoordinator of the Girls As Engineers! campaignb.siwinska@perspektywy.plPhone: +48 22 628 58 62, Mobile: +48 501 535 785Perspektywy Educational Foundationul. Nowogrodzka 3100-511 WarsawPoland


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