​​​​Studies Centre for PwDs Research and Salamieh Telecentre

Salamieh, Syria, 2014, April 24​​​​​

On Thursday 24 April 2014, Salamieh Telecentre and Studies Centre for PwDs Research celebrated the event of Girls in ICT Day.

The event hosted at Salamieh telecentre was attended by female students with disabilities, volunteers and parents of girls with disabilities from Salamieh and rural areas.

The event is being marked with the aim of bringing ICT for girl students with disabilities under the motto "No one left behind, Information society and education for all", "Making ICT Accessible for Girls with Disabilities".

The day began with focused and key issues identified on the following points:

  • Digital Literacy for Girls with Disabilities
  • The ability of Girls with disabilities to access and use ICT
  • The ability of Girls with disabilities to use the internet as critical part of modern society
  • Ensure the inclusion of all girls with disabilities in the digital age

Opening ceremony was by Nabil Eid manager of Salamieh Telecentre and chairman of Studies Centre for PwDs Research.

The first session was on the importance of assistive technology and ICT for girls with disabilities and the role of parents in encouraging girls with disabilities to use ICTs, mainstreaming accessibility and e-learning for girls with disabilities.

The second session was on practical training on OCR and screen reader programs for girls with blind and visually impaired disabilities. Training on graphics design programs and social media websites was provided to girls with physical disabilities.

The event closed by thanking all girls with disabilities, parents and volunteers and encouraging the girls to continue exploring the opportunities of the ICT field where girls with disabilities are far more likely to be out of information society than other. They are also more vulnerable to neglect, abuse and exploitation, therefore when girls with disabilities are educated, they help to make communities healthier and ensure that they access quality education on an equal basis with others in their communities.

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