Benin Republic, 2014, May 24​

Girls in ICT Day was successfully celebrated for the first time in Porto-Novo, Benin Republic on 24th May 2014.

The event was organized under the leadership of Ms. Azimath Adjassa who is currently working with an international peace recovery organization as a Spectrum Manager Specialist.

Girls in ICT Day event included several presentations as well as a quiz for the girls along with prizes. Female college students from OUEME department in Portonovo town (Complexe la Cite and Lycee Behanzin) and PLATEAU department in Pobe, Ikpinle and Adja Ouere towns attended the event.

The event started by highlighting Girls in ICT Day objectives, in particular reminding all that girls education in Africa is a challenge.

The first presentation focused on calling the attention of girls to make use of increasing ICT job opportunities which often specify that "women applications are highly encouraged".

The second presentation delivered by Aurelie Adam Souley Zoumarou focused on all possible careers in ICT sector. She is a frequency manager at ATRPT Benin.

The third presentation was given by Dr. Ahmed Kora from ESMT Dakar. This session talked about ICT environment (how does basic 3G network works, etc.) and also IT networks (LAN, WAN, MAN, etc).

Panels were enriched because of the many questions asked by girls, proving that they were interested in this effort. After the presentations, a quiz was organized and most girls (up to 60 percent) got 80/100. The winner of the quiz was awarded a laptop.

In-kind support: ESMT Dakar sent one of their best lecturers, Dr. Ahmed Dooguy KORA. ISOCEL Benin sent their staff and also provided T-shirts branded as ISOCEL. Libercom Benin also gave 12 T-shirts and 12 caps. ATRPT sent 2 staff.

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