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Guidelines for the Preparation of Proposals for WRC-23 

The Guidelines for the Preparation of Proposals for WRC-23 have been prepared by the WRC Secretariat to assist in the preparation and submission of proposals to the forthcoming WRC-23.

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Conference proposal interface (CPI) for WRC-23

The Conference Proposals Interface (CPI) for WRC-23 is an electronic web tool developed by the ITU to facilitate the preparation and submission of proposals to WRC-23. An ITU TIES account is required to access CPI.

The use of CPI is explained in the CPI User Guide. It will facilitate and optimize the treatment by the Secretariat of the documents containing the proposals, and will accelerate both their publication into the six languages of the Union and availability in the WRC-23 Proposal Management System.

WRC-23 MS Word Documents Templates

All proposals submitted to WRC-23 should be prepared using the official WRC-23 MS Word templates, which may also be found in the 6 languages of the Union from the Conference Proposal Interface (CPI) for WRC-23.

When retrieving text from the Radio Regulations, the format and styles of the text must not be changed. The use of CPI will ensure compliance with the official WRC-23 MS Word templates.

WRC-23 Proposal Management System

The WRC-23 Proposal Management System is another electronic webtool developed by the ITU to provides an easy-to-use access to the proposals for the work of the Conference

Submission of proposals for WRC-23 

Proposals are to be submitted to the Secretariat via email to 
The proposal submission to ITU will be confirmed via email. 

In line with Resolution 165 (Rev. Dubai, 2018), Member States are reminded that the firm deadline for all contributions to WRC-23 is no later than twenty-one (21) calendar days before the opening of the Conference, i.e. 30 October 2023 (also see CL-22/41and BR Circular Letter CA/265