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1. Who can participate in RA-23 and/or WRC-23?

Please note that RA-23 and WRC-23 are not open to the general public, but restricted to ITU membership.

2. How do I register to RA-23 and/or WRC-23?

  • Do you already have an ITU user account or TIES access credentials? If yes, go to step 2; if not, please visit the ITU User Account Management website to create an ITU user account. Should you require support related to your ITU User Account, please contact
  • Register here to RA-23/WRC-23 – log in using your ITU user account,
  • After successful submission of your registration request, you will receive an acknowledgment email,
  • Your registration request is automatically forwarded to the corresponding Designated Focal Point for ITU-R event registration (DFP) for review (approval/rejection),
  • Upon the approval of the DFP, you will receive a confirmation of registration email. Participants will also be notified in case their registration request is rejected by the DFP.

3. Where can I find who is my designated focal point for RA-23 and WRC-23 Registration ?

4. As Designated Focal Point (DFP) for ITU-R Event Registration, how can I approve a registration request pending my approval ?

5. The Designated Focal Point (DFP) for the ITU-R Event Registration of my Organization/Member State has changed, how can we update it?

The current DFP for ITU-R Event Registration of an Organization/Member State is invited to notify the ITU-R Event Registration Service at of any change of  DFP for their Organization/Member State.  When doing so, please provide the contact details of the new DFP, including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization
  • Email address

6. Is there a deadline to register to RA-23 and/or WRC-23?

There is no deadline to register. However, delegates who must apply for visas to travel to the UAE are advised to register to RA-23/WRC-23 as early as possible (and obtain focal point approval) to give enough time for visa request processing (see also see Question 14 below).

Register here to RA-23/WRC-23
Please also note that accommodation availability may also be reduced as the conference date approaches.

7. Where can I find a list of participants registered to RA-23 and to WRC-23?

8. Is there a fee applicable to participate in RA-23 and/or WRC-23?

There is no fee for ITU Members States or ITU-R Sector Members to register and participate in RA-23 and/or WRC-23. 

Please note however that RA-23 and WRC-23 are not open to the general public. Read more on Admission to RA-23  /  Admission to WRC-23.

9. Is there a maximum number of participants allowed per Delegation?

ITU Members allowed to participate in RA-23 and/or WRC-23 may designate and register as many representatives as deemed necessary. There is no limitation on the number of delegates and observers attending the Assembly or the Conference.

10. Is there a maximum number of Heads or Deputy Heads allowed per ITU Member State Delegation?

There is no maximum number of Heads or Deputy Heads of an ITU Member State Delegation.

Please inform the RA-23/WRC-23 Registration Service at in case a Head of Delegation/Deputy Head of Delegation should be replaced by another delegate of the same delegation during the course of the meeting (applicable to Member States only).

11. I am a registered delegate, can my spouse, companion or family member access the event venue?

Yes, any RA-23/WRC-23 delegate’s family member can be registered to the event to access the venue and while on site in the conference perimeter they must wear an event photo badge.

Should visa support be required, they need to register on-line and follow the same process as the delegate they accompany, and therefore obtain focal point approval. When doing so, they should select the function “Family Member” on the online registration form so that they do not appear on the list of participants and are not considered as part of a delegation.  Delegates may wish to inform their focal point that they will be registering their family member for the event.

If no visa support is required for the family member, registered delegates may address their family member registration request directly to

Please note that registered family members will be granted access to the event venue, but will not be allowed in the meeting rooms.

12. Is there financial support available in participate in RA-23/WRC-23?

No fellowship or financial support may be awarded for ITU treaty-making conferences such as the World Radiocommunication Conference or for the Radiocommunication Assemblies. Read more on ITU’s policy for awarding fellowships.

13. Will there be remote participation at RA-23 and WRC-23?

Remote participation will not be provided at RA-23 or at WRC-23.  However, Plenary, Committee and Working Group sessions will be webcasted and recorded, in the six ITU languages, for viewing during or after the sessions, respectively.   Registration for the RA-23 or WRC-23 is not required for viewing these webcasts, but TIES access is required.

14. How can I obtain visa support to travel to Dubai, UAE?

The ITU secretariat cannot provide visa support for an event held outside Geneva, Switzerland. For visa support provided by the Host Country: Visit or contact  

As the visa support service offered by the Host Country is for registered participants only, participants should first be registered to the event and have obtained the required focal point approval prior to contacting the Host Country for visa support.

Registered participants are strongly encouraged to submit their visa request and required official documents to the UAE authorities as soon as possible, preferably at least 8 weeks, but not less than 2 weeks, prior to travelling to the UAE.  Please note that the Host Country will process visa support requests from July onwards.

15. Where can I find further information on the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai, travel, and accommodation for the Conference?

The ITU secretariat cannot provide visa support for an event held outside Geneva, Switzerland. For visa support provided by the Host Country: Visit or contact  

Please visit the Host Country website at

For further information on:

16. What is the opening hours of the registration and badging desks On-site?

The Badging Opening hours are available here. Given the usual large influx of delegates on the first day, we recommend picking up your badge at least one or two days before the opening day.