What is ITU’s role in P2C?

As the UN’s specialized agency for ICTs, ITU serves as a neutral and impartial platform to coordinate the development of the P2C Focus Areas Action Framework. ITU will play a significant role in the mobilization, tracking, and monitoring of commitments and pledges. The P2C Focus Areas Action Framework developed by the Working Groups and the Leaders of the P2C Digital Coalition with the support of BCG (P2C’s Knowledge Partner) will help further identify the key issues driving change across each of the Focus Areas, define specific gaps, and propose high quality interventions, pledges, and policies to fill those gaps

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P2C is built on the principles of inclusion, partnership, and SDG-focused digital development. It recognizes that progress can be achieved through multistakeholder collaboration, and that the direct leadership of governments, policy makers, and the regulatory community is essential to achieve meaningful and universal connectivity.

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Partner2Connect is designed to be a game-changing opportunity to finally take a holistic approach, to pledge, and to mobilize the resources needed to connect those who are still offline.

Our aim is to bring meaningful connectivity to everyone so that no one is left offline.

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