Mentoring Programme

What is the NOW4WRC23 Mentoring Programme?

The programme is part of the broader NOW4WRC23 initiative, which aims to provide an active forum for exchanging knowledge, networking and mentoring for women in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R).

The main objectives of the NOW4WRC23 mentoring programme initiative are three-fold:

  • To strive for gender balance among delegates
  • To prepare women delegates for key roles in the WRC-23
  • To grow the ITU women’s community in terms of their numbers and level of participation in the conference.

Why should I participate?

This initiative aims to start building capacity as early as possible in the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) preparatory process. It seeks to achieve greater participation of women in key roles leading up to the WRC-23 in the work of the ITU-R Study Groups and their Working Parties, and in the activities of the regional telecommunication organizations (RTOs). It also seeks to increase the number of women nominated by the RTOs for leadership roles at the WRC-23.

This initiative is also designed to inspire a new generation of women in radiocommunications and forms a crucial step in our goal of exceeding the 30 per cent threshold of women in key roles at ITU-R.

Who can be a mentee or mentor?

All women ITU-R delegates are welcome to become mentees. Experienced women and men ITU-R delegates are encouraged to apply to the programme as mentors.

How does the matching work?

Once a completed registration form is returned by an ITU-R delegate, a mentee (woman delegate) will be paired with a mentor (experienced ITU-R delegate) using the criteria that best matches their interest in the topics on the agenda of the WRC-23, as well as their language/regional preferences.

How can I get involved as a mentee or as a mentor?

If you are interested in participating in the NOW4WRC23 mentoring programme, please contact