Since the WSIS Stocktaking Process was established, seven editions of Global WSIS Stocktaking reports have been published, providing an overall picture of progress and an insight into latest WSIS-related activities. The eighth report focuses on contributions by stakeholders worldwide to WSIS and Sustainable Development Goals. It emphasizes achievements, highlights trends and draws conclusions consistent with the action lines referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action. This Report provides key findings on emerging trends in the development of the information society, and references major activities being implemented in the eighteen areas covered by the eleven WSIS action lines.

All entries complying with Rules and Guidelines and submitted to the WSIS Stocktaking Database will be reflected in the annual WSIS Stocktaking Report. To submit an entry, please click here.

WSIS Action Lines – SDGs Matrix allows to better understand the potential of ICTs as enablers for sustainable development, as a new component in WSIS Stocktaking process was introduced by reporting ICT success stories to best showcase the possible achievement of SDGs, through the implementation of WSIS Action Lines related projects. Booklet on Advancing Sustainable Development Through Information and Communication Technologies: WSIS Action Lines Enabling SDGs, is available to download at the ITU Bookshop.