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Product Details

ITU Code - 11.1002/4000/526

Company Ciena Corporation
Product Z33 with PME-412 Module (Z77 with PME-412 Module, Z33 PME -216i Module and Z77 w
Model Number
Interface Ethernet IEEE 802.3
Category Ethernet services
Subcategory ELAN (1.0) MEF 14;ELAN (1.0) MEF 9;EPL (1.0) MEF 14;EPL (1.0) MEF 9;EVPL (1.0) MEF 14;EVPL (1.0) MEF 9;
Conformity to ITU-T Recommendation ITU-T G.8011/Y.1307 (2015-01)
Test suites ITU-T Rec. G.8011
Conformance verified by 3rd Party Testing laboratory recognized by MEF
Tested on 2011-04-26