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ITU-T Recommendations - Under Traditional Approval Process

The traditional approval process (TAP) is described in WTSA Resolution 1, section 9. Section 8 of the same Resolution defines how selection is done between the traditional approval process and the alternative approval process (AAP) (see ITU-T Recommendation A.8) for the development and approval of Recommendations.

TAP Recommendations Under Approval Process
RecommendationsDeterminedCircularStudy GroupTitle
E.118.1 2022-05-20 -2ITU-T management of the allocation of globally assigned Issuer Identifier Numbers (IINs)
X.1352 2022-05-20 TSB-CIR17 (2022-05)17Security Requirements for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and gateway
X.1813 2022-05-20 TSB-CIR17 (2022-05)17Security requirements for the operation of vertical services supporting ultra reliable and low latency communication (URLLC) in the IMT-2020 private networks
X.1814 2022-05-20 TSB-CIR17 (2022-05)17Security guidelines for IMT-2020 communication system
Y.4500.3 2022-07-28 -20oneM2M – Security solutions
Y.4601 2022-07-28 -20Requirements and capability framework of digital twin for smart firefighting

TAP Recommendations approved during Study Period
RecommendationsStatusCircularsApproval DateStudy GroupTitle
D.608 RIn ForceC16-375/C17-15 2022-05-02 3OTT voice bypass
X.1246 (2015) Amd. 1In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17Amendment 1
X.1247 (2016) Amd. 1In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17-
X.1812In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17Security framework based on trust relationships for the IMT-2020 ecosystem