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ITU-T Recommendations - Under Traditional Approval Process

The traditional approval process (TAP) is described in WTSA Resolution 1, section 9. Section 8 of the same Resolution defines how selection is done between the traditional approval process and the alternative approval process (AAP) (see ITU-T Recommendation A.8) for the development and approval of Recommendations.

TAP Recommendations Under Approval Process
RecommendationsDeterminedCircularStudy GroupTitle
A.8-rev 2023-06-02 -TSAGAlternative approval process for new and revised ITU T Recommendations
D7_R_OTT 2023-06-20 -3Draft new regional Recommendation ITU-T D.700R “Principles for dealing with OTTs”
E.1120 2023-03-22 TSB-CIR85 (2023-03)2Global ITU-T Naming, Numbering, Addressing and Identification assignment processes
F.748.23 2023-07-21 TSB-CIR128 (2023-07)16Requirements and framework for intelligent crowd sensing multimedia interaction based on deep learning
F.748.24 2023-07-21 TSB-CIR128 (2023-07)16Trusted contribution evaluation framework on federated machine learning services
F.749.17 2023-07-21 TSB-CIR128 (2023-07)16Requirements for machine vision-based civilian unmanned aerial vehicle applications
F.760.2 2023-07-21 TSB-CIR128 (2023-07)16Requirements for user interface of first responders in emergency response support systems
G.9964 2023-04-28 TSB-CIR101 (2023-05)15Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers – Power spectral density specification
H.741.5 2023-07-21 TSB-CIR128 (2023-07)16Application event handling: Overall aspects of personalized IPTV services
X.1221 2023-09-08 -17Structured Threat Information Expression (STIE)
X.1222 2023-09-08 -17Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information (TAEII)
X.1280 2023-09-08 -17Framework for out-of-band server authentication using mobile devices
X.1281 2023-09-08 -17APIs for interoperability of identity management systems
X.1352 Amd 2023-09-08 -17Amendments to ITU-T X.1352: Security Requirements for Internet of things (IoT) devices and gateway
X.1353 2023-03-03 TSB-CIR79 (2023-03)17Security methodology for zero-touch deployment in massive IoT based on blockchain
X.1373 2023-09-08 -17Secure software update capability for intelligent transportation system communication devices
X.1471 2023-03-03 TSB-CIR79 (2023-03)17Reference monitor for online analytics services
X.1818 2023-09-08 -17Security controls for operation and maintenance of 5G network systems
Y.4221 2023-09-22 -20Requirements of IoT-based electric power infrastructure monitoring system
Y.4222 2023-02-10 TSB-CIR96 (2023-05)20Framework of smart evacuation in a disaster or emergency in smart cities and communities
Y.4225 2023-09-22 -20Requirements and capability framework of digital twin for intelligent transport system
Y.4487 2023-02-10 TSB-CIR96 (2023-05)20A functional architecture of roadside multi-sensor data fusion systems for autonomous vehicles
Y.4488 2023-09-22 -20Requirements and functional architecture of data services provided via IoT-based technologies for safety protection of working environments
Y.4496 2023-09-22 -20Requirements and reference architecture of smart service for public health emergency
Y.4497 2023-09-22 -20Requirements and functional architecture of smart sharing bicycle service
Y.4499 2023-09-22 -20Framework of urban infrastructure monitoring based on crowdsourcing
Y.4607 2023-09-22 -20Requirements for autonomous urban delivery robots interworking

TAP Recommendations approved during Study Period
RecommendationsStatusCircularsApproval DateStudy GroupTitle
D.608 RIn ForceC16-375/C17-15 2022-05-02 3OTT voice bypass
E.118.1In ForceTSB-CIR24 (2022-06)/TSB-CIR84 (2023-03) 2023-03-22 2Allocation, assignment and management of global Issuer Identifier Numbers (IINs)
F.749.16In ForceTSB-CIR52 (2022-11)/TSB-CIR128 (2023-07) 2023-07-10 16Requirements for logistics express delivery based on civilian unmanned aerial vehicles
F.751.8In ForceTSB-CIR52 (2022-11)/TSB-CIR128 (2023-07) 2023-07-10 16Technical framework for distributed ledger technology (DLT) to cope with regulation
G.9901 (2017) Amd. 1In Force- 2023-04-28 15-
X.1246 (2015) Amd. 1In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17Amendment 1
X.1247 (2016) Amd. 1In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17-
X.1333 (2022) Cor. 1In ForceTSB-CIR79 (2023-03)/ 2023-09-08 17-
X.1352In ForceTSB-CIR17 (2022-05)/TSB-CIR38 (2022-09) 2022-09-02 17Security requirements for Internet of things devices and gateways
X.1380In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security guidelines for cloud-based event data recorders in automotive environments
X.1381In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security guidelines for Ethernet-based in-vehicle networks
X.1382In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Guidelines for sharing security threat information on connected vehicles
X.1383In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security requirements for categorized data in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication
X.1410In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security architecture of data sharing management based on the distributed ledger technology
X.1411In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Guideline on blockchain as a service (BaaS) security
X.1454In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/ 2023-09-08 17Security measures for location enabled smart office services
X.1644In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security guidelines for distributed cloud
X.1645In ForceTSB-CIR79 (2023-03)/ 2023-09-08 17Requirements of network security situational awareness platform for cloud computing
X.1812In ForceC16-373/C17-18 2022-05-20 17Security framework based on trust relationships for the IMT-2020 ecosystem
X.1813In ForceTSB-CIR17 (2022-05)/TSB-CIR38 (2022-09) 2022-09-02 17Security and monitoring requirements for operation of vertical services supporting ultra-reliability and low latency communication (URLLC) in IMT-2020 private networks
X.1814In ForceTSB-CIR17 (2022-05)/TSB-CIR38 (2022-09) 2022-09-02 17Security guidelines for IMT-2020 communication system s
X.1815In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Security guidelines and requirements for IMT-2020 edge computing services
X.1816In ForceTSB-CIR42 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR78 (2023-03) 2023-03-03 17Guidelines and requirements for classifying security capabilities in IMT-2020 network slice
X.1817In ForceTSB-CIR79 (2023-03)/ 2023-09-08 17Security requirements for 5G message service
Y.3082In ForceTSB-CIR57 (2022-11)/TSB-CIR89 (2023-03) 2023-03-24 13Mobile network sharing based on distributed ledger technology for networks beyond IMT-2020: Requirements and framework
Y.4223In Force- 2023-09-22 20Common requirements and capabilities of smart cities and communities from IoT and ICT perspectives
Y.4500.3In ForceTSB-CIR37 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR75 (2023-02) 2023-01-30 20oneM2M – Security solutions
Y.4601In ForceTSB-CIR37 (2022-09)/TSB-CIR75 (2023-02) 2023-01-30 20Requirements and capability framework of a digital twin for smart firefighting
Y.4604In Force- 2023-09-13 20Metadata for camera sensing information of autonomous mobile Internet of things devices