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ITU-T Recommendations - Under Traditional Approval Process

The traditional approval process (TAP) is described in WTSA Resolution 1, section 9. Section 8 of the same Resolution defines how selection is done between the traditional approval process and the alternative approval process (AAP) (see ITU-T Recommendation A.8) for the development and approval of Recommendations.

TAP Recommendations Under Approval Process
RecommendationsDeterminedCircularStudy GroupTitle
D.52 2016-03-01 CIR 209 [Deferred to WTSA]3Draft ITU-T Recommendation on IXPs: Establishing and Connecting Regional IXPs to reduce the costs of International Internet Connectivity
D.53 2016-03-01 CIR 209 [Deferred to WTSA]3International Aspects of Universal Service
D.97 2016-03-01 CIR 209 [Deferred to WTSA]3ITU-T Recommendation on methodological principles for determining international mobile roaming rates
D.261 2016-03-01 CIR 209 [Deferred to WTSA]3Regulatory principles for market definition and identification of operators with significant market power - SMP
D.271REV 2016-03-01 CIR 209 [Deferred to WTSA]3Charging and accounting principle for NGN
E.119 2016-09-23 CIR 2502Requirements for Safety Confirmation and Broadcast Message Service for Disaster Relief
E.212 2016-01-29 CIR 2032The international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions
Y.2773 2016-07-08 CIR 23313Performance models and metrics for deep packet inspection
Y.4454 2016-08-05 CIR 23820Platforms interoperability for smart cities

TAP Recommendations approved during Study Period
RecommendationsStatusCircularsApproval DateStudy GroupTitle
A.5In ForceC15-164/C15-198 2016-02-05 TSAGGeneric procedures for including references to documents of other organizations in ITU-T Recommendations
A.23 Annex AIn ForceC15-085/C15-108 2014-06-20 TSAGGuide for ITU-T and ISO/IEC JTC 1 cooperation
A.25 In ForceC15-164/C15-198 2016-02-05 TSAGGeneric procedures for incorporating text between ITU-T and other organizations
E.108In ForceC15-153/C15-197 2016-01-29 2Requirement for disaster relief mobile message service
E.129In ForceC14-309/C15-009 2013-01-31 2Presentation of national numbering plans
E.161 (2001) Amd. 1In ForceC15-72/C15-104 2014-06-06 2New Annex A: Arrangement of digits, Korean character set and symbols
E.1110In ForceC14-309/C15-009 2013-01-31 2Allocation and assignment of ITU-T E.164 country code 888
G.9700In ForceC15-063/C15-096 2014-04-04 15Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Power spectral density specification
G.9700 (2014) Amd. 1In Force- 2016-09-30 15-
G.9901 (2012) Amd. 1SupersededC15-008/C15-046 2013-07-12 15-
G.9901In ForceC15-069/C15-096 2014-04-04 15Narrowband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing power line communication transceivers - Power spectral density specification
G.9964 (2011) Amd. 1In ForceC15-165/C15-201 2016-02-26 15-
G.9964 (2011) Amd. 2In Force- 2016-09-30 15-
X.1154In ForceC14-311/C15-023 2013-04-26 17General framework of combined authentication on multiple identity service provider environments
X.1157In ForceC14-150/C14-173 2015-09-17 17Technical capabilities of fraud detection and response for services with high assurance level requirements
X.1208In ForceC15-024/C15-56/C15-057/C15-080 2014-01-24 17A cybersecurity indicator of risk to enhance confidence and security in the use of telecommunication/information and communication technologies
X.1210In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Overview of source-based security troubleshooting mechanisms for Internet protocol-based networks
X.1211In ForceC15-081/C15-122 2014-09-26 17Techniques for preventing web-based attacks
X.1243 (2010) Cor. 1In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17-
X.1246In ForceC14-150/C14-173 2015-09-17 17Technologies involved in countering voice spam in telecommunication organizations
X.1247In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Technical framework for countering mobile messaging spam
X.1255In ForceC15-024/C15-053 2013-09-04 17Framework for discovery of identity management information
X.1256In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Guidelines and framework for sharing network authentication results with service applications
X.1257In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Identity and access management taxonomy
X.1258In Force- 2016-09-07 17Enhanced entity authentication based on aggregated attributes
X.1341In ForceC14-150/C14-173 2015-09-17 17Certified mail transport and certified post office protocols
X.1520In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Common vulnerabilities and exposures
X.1521In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Common vulnerability scoring system
X.1525In ForceC15-123/C15-149 2015-04-17 17Common weakness scoring system
X.1526SupersededC14-311/C15-023 2013-04-26 17Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language
X.1526In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Language for the open definition of vulnerabilities and for the assessment of a system state
X.1542In Force- 2016-09-07 17Session information message exchange format
X.1544In ForceC14-311/C15-023 2013-04-26 17Common attack pattern enumeration and classification
X.1546In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Malware attribute enumeration and characterization
X.1582In ForceC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Transport protocols supporting cybersecurity information exchange
X.1601SupersededC15-052/C15-080 2014-01-24 17Security framework for cloud computing
X.1602In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Security requirements for software as a service application environments
X.1641In ForceC15-214/C15-243 2016-09-07 17Guidelines for cloud service customer data security
X.1642In ForceC15-174/C15-213 2016-03-23 17Guidelines of operational security for cloud computing
Y.1271In ForceC15-090/C15-110 2014-07-18 13Framework(s) on network requirements and capabilities to support emergency telecommunications over evolving circuit-switched and packet-switched networks
Y.2705In ForceC14-302/C15-016 2013-03-01 13Minimum security requirements for the interconnection of the Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS)
Y.2723In ForceC15-021/C15-067 2013-11-15 13Support for OAuth in next generation networks
Y.2724In ForceC15-021/C15-067 2013-11-15 13Framework for supporting OAuth and OpenID in next generation networks
Y.2725In ForceC15-076/C15-110 2014-07-18 13Support of OpenID in next generation networks
Y.2771In ForceC15-090/C15-110 2014-07-18 13Framework for deep packet inspection
Y.2772In ForceC15-187/C15-223 2016-04-29 13Mechanisms for the network elements with support of deep packet inspection