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Work item: L.D4PI
Subject/title: An information model for digital product information on sustainability and circularity
Status: Under study 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Equivalent number: DES/EE-EEPS64 (Twin)
Timing: 2024 (Medium priority)
Liaison: IEC TC111, ISO TC 323, ETSI EE, CEN-CLC JTC10
Supporting members: UPC, Kenya, Nokia, Huawei, Telecom Italia, Uganda
Summary: This work relates and builds on and complements the recommendation that defines requirements for a global digital sustainable product passport/information. This draft recommendation aims at the definition of an information model for the description of details about ICT products, with a focus on the environment: circularity, environmental sustainability, and human health. This work will determine the information items, to be represented in digital format, about ICT product information, either as individual products or grouped by model, batch, etc., common to all ICT products or specific to certain product categories. The information details can represent products at any time of their circular lifespan: design, manufacturing, through the usage phases and changes over the lifespan, until final recycling as e-waste. An information model can help inform relevant actors involved with ICT products. The goal of the recommendation is to define the semantics required to represent the relevant information in a feasible digital form, related and building on existing digital data formats, linked data, and data system architectures, as well as relate to and complement upcoming regional (e.g. European digital product passport) and global (ISO PCDS, IEC 82474-1) standards. This recommendation builds on other ITU-T recommendations and work items, such as the L.1023 recommendation on an assessment method for circular scoring that can translate into information items. It can facilitate the calculation of environmental impacts of different ICT products according to L.1400-1451, and mobile phones according to L.1015. We aim to work with ETSI on a technically aligned standard and targeting to contribute to the CIRPASS EU project.
Comment: Work item jointly developed with ETSI TC EE to become a technically aligned deliverable.
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Leandro Navarro, Editor
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