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Work group: SG5 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Electromagnetic fields (EMF), environment, climate action, sustainable digitalization and circular economy
Description: ITU-T Study Group 5 is responsible for the development of standards on the environmental aspects of ICT and digital technologies and protection of the environment, including electromagnetic phenomena and climate change. Study Group 5 will study how the digital transformation can be shaped to ensure it supports transitions towards more sustainable societies. Study Group 5 will also study issues related to resistibility, human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), circular economy, energy efficiency and climate-change adaptation and mitigation. It will develop international standards, guidelines, technical papers and assessment frameworks that support the sustainable use and deployment of ICTs and digital technologies, and evaluate the environmental performance, including biodiversity, of digital technologies such as, but not limited to, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), smart manufacturing, automation, etc. Study Group 5 is also responsible for studying design methodologies and frameworks to reduce the volume and adverse environmental effects of e-waste and to support the transition towards a circular economy. Study Group 5 is responsible for studies on how to use ICTs and digital technologies to tackle environmental challenges in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Chairman: MrDominiqueWurges
Vice-chairman: Mr.PedroBrisson
Vice-chairman: Mr.Jean-ManuelCanet
Vice-chairman: MrBeniaminoGorini
Vice-chairman: MrByung ChanKim
Vice-chairman: MrVincent UrbainNamrona
Vice-chairman: MsShuguangQi
Vice-chairman: MrMr SaidiahrolSaidiakbarov
Vice-chairman: Mr.KazuhiroTakaya
Vice-chairman: MsNevineTewfik
Secretariat: Mr.ZiqianLI
Secretariat: MsReynaUbeda