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Work item: L.GPSIM
Subject/title: Good practices for the sanitization of the information media in end-of-life ICT devices
Status: Under study [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2023 (Medium priority)
Supporting members: Argentina, UPC, Egypt
Summary: Electronic waste is growing exponentially and presents several problems and challenges to solve. One of them is the possibility of its re-functionalization and repair. Another challenge is linked to favoring the reuse of hardware, an activity prior to recycling, but this requires the consideration of the secure data erasure of the information contained in the storage media of the equipment. An attempt should be made to guarantee the processes of secure data erasure or data clearing of the information contained in end-of-life computer equipment, and specifically on data storage media, intended for reuse or recycling. That erasure requires methods and tools for safe logical destruction of the information, and failing that, the physical destruction of the physical support applying different types of ad-hoc techniques and equipment. But there is an additional challenge. Society must be made aware of the importance of the secure erasure of its own information in ICT devices before being delivered to recycling and re-functionalization centers, and of the importance of the protection of personal data and of the organizations themselves.
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Leandro Navarro, Editor
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