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Work item: L.1070 (ex L.GDSPP)
Subject/title: Global digital sustainable product passport opportunities to achieve a circular economy
Status: Approved on 2023-11-06 [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: IEC TC111, ISO TC 323, ETSI EE, CEN-CLC JTC10
Supporting members: COIT, ORANGE, HUAWEI, CISCO
Summary: This Recommendation provides an overview of global and common opportunities to represent sustainability, mainly environmental-related, details about digital technology products, either collective ICT product models, batches or individual ICT product items. These product details are intended to be represented in digital format instead of paper-based. The details can represent design-related information, products at the time of manufacturing, including relevant information for product transparency and a potential for a circular lifecycle, such as details related to the origin of materials composition, design, manufacturing, energy consumption, maintenance, repair, preparation for reuse, final recycling, and may include links to related documentation. Product details can include or relate to details that change over the lifespan of a product as a result of reconfiguration events, including repair, upgrade, usage, sale, and final recycling. The details should exclude any personal or business-sensitive information. The Recommendation provides an overview of sustainability opportunities, environmental related, about product-related digital information common to all ICT products, with global scope for harmonisation, i.e. relevant to any region, that can support the development of the circular economy of ICT products. The product-related digital information can be represented under digital technology, such as product identifiers, data formats, linked data, and system architectures. It relates to and can complement regional and global standards.
Comment: Work item jointly developed with ETSI TC EE to become a technically aligned deliverable.
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Leandro Navarro, Editor
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