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Work item: G.Suppl.42
Status: Agreed on 2018-10-19 
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Supplement
Version: Rev.
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Subject/title: Guide on the use of the ITU-T Recommendations related to optical fibres and systems technology
Summary: Supplement 42 to ITU-T G-series Recommendations contains a functional grouping of the ITU-T Recommendations on optical fibres and systems technology (e.g., optical fibres and cables, physical optical interfaces and optical fibre submarine cable systems). An introduction to each category with more than one Recommendation outlines the subjects which are common to the category. For each Recommendation, there is a short description of the purpose, content and, in many cases, the evolution of the content in the subsequent versions. There are also cross-references to the other Recommendations dealing with related issues. The main purpose of this guide is to give to developing countries an improved capability in the application of standards, while the telecommunication industry, particularly manufacturers and operators, could benefit from the greater involvement of developing countries in the making and application of standards. The guide could also have a wider use among manufacturers and operators who are not directly involved in the preparation of this group of Recommendations and they could find the guide to be a useful tool both for rapidly focusing on the Recommendation(s) of specific interest and for better understanding the meaning and the objectives of each Recommendation.
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