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Work group: SG15 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Networks, technologies and infrastructures for transport, access and home
Description: ITU-T Study Group 15 is responsible in ITU-T for the development of standards for the optical transport network, access network, home network and power utility network infrastructures, systems, equipment, optical fibres and cables. This includes related installation, maintenance, management, test, instrumentation and measurement techniques, and control plane technologies to enable the evolution toward intelligent transport networks, including the support of smart-grid applications.
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Chairman: MrStephen J.Trowbridge
Vice-chairman: MrKhaledAl-Azemi
Vice-chairman: MrFahad AbdullahAl-Fallaj
Vice-chairman: MrNoriyukiAraki
Vice-chairman: MrEdoardoCottino
Vice-chairman: MrDanLi
Vice-chairman: MrHubertMariotte
Vice-chairman: MrJohnMessenger
Vice-chairman: MrGlennParsons
Vice-chairman: MrJeong-dongRyoo
Vice-chairman: MrCyrille VivienVezongada
Other: MrJean-MarieFromenteau
Advisor: MrHiroshiOta
Administrative assistant: MsEmmanuelleLabare