Action Days

Bringing together representatives from Member States, civil society, private sector, academia, local and regional authorities, youth, and many more, the Action Days will provide an opportunity for broad engagement and inclusion.

Action Day 1 will be an opportunity to elevate the voice of youth in the multilateral system. The dedicated, youth-led afternoon facilitated by the United Nations Youth Office in close collaboration with relevant networks/stakeholder groups will generate momentum ahead of the mandated Summit.

Action Day 2 will focus on multistakeholder partnership and action – paving a way towards a next chapter of multilateralism that is more inclusive and networked. The program will evolve around three tracks:

  • Digital Futures
  • Peaceful Futures and
  • Sustainable Futures for All

SDG Digital will have content on the Digital Futures track on Action Day 2.
Please visit the Action Days site for more information.