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SDG Digital GameChangers Award

The SDG Digital GameChangers Award honoured individuals and organizations that are working towards rescuing the Global Goals through digital. The process invited submissions from the youth, government, private sector, civil society, international organizations and UN agencies, as well as from academia and the technical community. The submission process closed on 21 July with over 450 solutions received.


Over 450 submissions


90 countries


33% of submissions from youth


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Empowering lives and communities Projects, applications, and policies can utilize the power of digital to empower people and communities, create opportunities, and address social challenges. Read more
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Innovation for our climate and environment Digital technology projects, applications, and policies can support ground-breaking innovation for a healthy and sustainable planet, helping to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and build a more sustainable future for all. Read more
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Promoting economic growth Digital projects, applications, and policies can spur economic growth, job creation, and sustainable infrastructure development. Read more
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Building peaceful and inclusive societies Digital technologies powered by international cooperation can strengthen governance and transparency and facilitate cooperation among diverse stakeholders – all vital to build peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. Read more
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Unlocking ideas from youth This award recognized a young innovator between the ages of 18 and 29 or a youth organization stepping forward, acting as a trailblazer, and bringing fresh perspectives and creative solutions to build a sustainable future. A USD 2’000 award prize was granted to this category to finance the trip to the event in New York. Read more