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Tech can help solve the climate crisis. Will you?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), together with partners spanning the UN, governments, business, and civil society, will convene the Green Digital Action track at COP28 to step up digital-technology-driven climate action.

The aim of this effort is to:

  • Bring together the ICT community to co-create and fast-track practical solutions and bold action to tangibly support the climate agenda
  • Mobilize and launch new commitments to promote the green and digital transitions among governments, business, and civil society and others, including through the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition.
  • Catalyse opportunities for partnerships and broader coordination with key existing mechanisms like the Marrakech Partnership, the World Standards Cooperation, the Digital with Purpose movement or the UN Early Warning for All initiative.

The overarching desired outcome is that the ICT sector’s commitment to increased, collaborative climate action puts the sector on the forefront of climate action and inspires other industries to follow suit.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a crucial role in climate monitoring, climate change adaptation and early warning systems; and mitigation measures, such as increasing energy efficiency, supporting green networks, and accelerating the development of circular economies along the value chain. At the same time, rapid uptake of data and devices increases energy consumption, ICT-sector emissions, material used, and e-waste all over the world. 

The global digital transformation needs to go hand in hand with the shift to green energy solutions and a circular economy.

COP28 offers a prime opportunity to showcase the value of digital climate action but also to raise the ambition of the ICT sector in reducing its own footprint in supporting the aim to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C. It is also an opportunity to promote broader collaboration in the ICT sector — particularly in relation to the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23), happening at the same time in the same host city.

Join us in the efforts on:

  • Climate and carbon monitoring through open environmental data and technologies
  • Delivering tangible ICT sector transition plans to reach GHG reduction targets, with a particular focus on decarbonizing the value chain (Scope 3)
  • Fostering a circular ICT industry
  • Building momentum to implement ‘green’ standards
  • Enabling the green transition of broader economy and society by leveraging digital technologies and building green digital skills
  • Employing digital connectivity and technologies for climate change adaptation, especially by supporting the delivery of the UN Secretary General’s Early Warning for All initiative

Join us for global digital climate action!

Further Resources

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